We have hand-picked and not mechanically harvested olives from olive trees of the Kalamon and Koroneiki variety, at the end of November and early December, in order for the olives to be kept uninjured, without cuts and bruises, we have put them in large well ventilated plastic crates, transferred them on the same day to a modern olive mill equipped with state-of-the-art and internationally recognized machinery of the Italian Group “PIERALISI”, and have put them through the process of olive oil extraction directly afterwards in order to avoid the oxidation of the olive oil and keep its acidity to a minimum. Also the use of organic preparations, fertilizers and zeolite has helped render our olive oil organic and 100% free of harmful substances. Its distinctive aromas which are prominent when you open the bottle are due to the fact that the olives were correctly harvested, to the extraction of the olive oil which took place correctly and directly afterwards, and also to the ingredients of the land we cultivate in our olive groves. The latter are located within a small distance from the sea but at the same time at a proper altitude (250m.), which is the perfect combination that gives the final touch to the perfect painting of taste and quality delight that is our extra virgin pure organic olive oil. The breeze from the sea of Ancient Iolcus where Jason set sail from on his ship “Argo” to reach Colchis in search for the golden fleece, along with the clean air from the fertile even since antiquity Thessalian land, contributed to the production of a true miracle, to the creation of “PHILION OLIVE OIL”.